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  • Do You Require Contracts?

  • Existing websites

  • Can I Use My Existing Domain?

  • When Are Videos Posted?
  • Can You Remove Bad Reviews?
  • Can You Setup Professional Email?


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We have the most cost effective service in the industry. We offer a monthly and annual agreement for every budget.
We can upgrade you to a new and improved Patient Snap site or keep your existing site.
Yes. Hosting your new Patient Snap site is included. We do not, however, host non Patient Snap sites.
We offer flexible month to month agreements.
You can use your existing domain. If you do not own one, Patient Snap can provide one for you.
Yes. We create professional e-mail solutions for your practice.
You can add us as an admin and we can post to your Facebook page. If you do not have one, we will create one for you and post there.
In building your site we provide a series of revision rounds and will get your site looking great, making all the changes required. Once the site is complete, we will be glad to make changes or provide access to a blog if you wish to post blog content to your site.
Your website is backed up every 24 hours and while it’s extremely rare, it will be right back up should it go down temporarily.
The only person who can remove a bad review is the person who posted it. There are, however, ways we can help you take down fake or offensive reviews within the guidelines of different sites. For reviews that can’t be taken down we proactively bury those with real positive reviews.
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